An Inside Tour of Our Little House

Welcome back! Today, I am going to share “before” pictures of the inside of the Little House on Holland Street.  I must say, this house was immaculate for its age.  The previous owners took amazing care of this little jewel!  Here we go…

The room below is the family room, as seen from the kitchen.  This room is at the back of the house and was an add-on at some point. The door at the back right corner leads to the breezeway.  The back windows look out over the back yard, where we can see our barn and chickens!


The door at the back of the room to the left leads to a nursery, perfect for our granddaughter, Ellie, who lives with us.  Side note:  Our oldest daughter, Ellie’s mommy, is currently at Disney World in Orlando doing an internship for the Disney College Program!  Here is the nursery as it was when we purchased our house.  Cute, cute, cute!


Turn around, back through the family room, and we are looking into the kitchen.


The doorway going from the kitchen leads to the front of the house, where there is a small dining room and second living area.  The house has 8-foot ceilings, which took a bit to get used to after having 12-foot ceilings in our previous house.  Now that we have lived with them for a while, they are awesome and feel so cozy!

The photo below is the living room, which is open to the small dining room.  The door with the curtain on it is the front door.  You can see the beautiful trees in the front yard through the windows.  I can’t believe it, but the windows are original to the house and still work!


It seems as though I have shown the house backwards, but we always come and go from the back.  So it kind of made sense in my brain for me to document it that way.

Below is the dining room.  The door with the white gate leads back to the kitchen, and the one with the black gate leads to the hallway bathroom and bedrooms.


The hallway bathroom has beautiful bead board paneling.  However, my favorite part of this bathroom is the old heater.  It doesn’t work, but I just love it!  Of course, there are still a few things I want to change, starting with the vinyl flooring and maybe a cute dresser vanity!


The front bedroom was the guest room.  So, so much light making it incredibly bright and cheery!


Here is the master bedroom.  It is huge compared to other rooms that we have had!  That is a king size bed, and there is still a ton of extra room!  I don’t have a “before” photo for the master bathroom, but let’s just say it’s pretty small.


So that’s it, our “new” old farmhouse.  I hope you enjoyed our “before tour” and will come back to see Ellie’s nursery makeover and how our chickens, Buttercup and Honey Lemon, adjusted to their new free range backyard in my next post!



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