The Tree Disaster



A couple of months after we moved in, I thought armageddon had come.  I was asleep in my bed, and CRASH, I thought a bomb had hit our house.  The whole house shook, and the window broke.  Scared the daylights out of me!  After I woke up completely, this is what I found.  A HUGE limb off of one of the trees in the back coming crashing down on our roof.  It put several small holes in the slates tiles and cedar shake.


Fortunately, there were a few extra tiles in the shed that we could use to patch these holes.  But sooner rather than later, this roof was going to have to be replaced.   We talked to the insurance company, and since the roof was so old, it was only covered at replacement cost.  In other words, they weren’t going to pay to have the old roof removed, which was the majority of the total cost.  We were given a only fraction of what it would cost to completely replace our roof.

We got several quotes, ranging from $35,000 – $70,000.  Astronomical.  There was no way we could afford that much when the insurance company only gave us $6800.  This is where living out in the country has it’s benefits.  We did a ton of research into the asbestos shingle removal, and spoke with the city about the best way to go about removing said shingles.  If we did the work ourselves, we wouldn’t have to use an abatement company.  This was the majority of the roof replacement cost.


We hired a local contractor to help.  He and his crew helped to remove all of the shingles and all of the cedar shake to make our roof up to code.  He took all of the old shingles and disposed of them properly at a construction waste facility.  To let everyone know, asbestos isn’t dangerous unless ground up.  These guys removed whole shingles (very little, if any dust) and wrapped them for disposal. Then he installed a beautiful metal roof for us.  He did all of this for $9800.


There were a few bumps in the road using a small, local contractor – it took a lot longer for the roof to go on and it took a couple of extra visits to make sure it was all sealed up tight.  But after all was said and done, our beautiful new roof made it through Hurricane Harvey like a pro and it didn’t cost us an arm and a leg!


As for the dead trees, they were pecan wood.  So, we put a little ad on our local county Facebook page and several people were willing to remove them for free if they could have the wood!  Jackpot!  Saved thousands in tree removal.  We just have to deal with the five stumps later.


We still have to re-roof the little addition, but that can wait for a while.  At least the main house has a leak-free, asbestos-free roof.  All of those pesky, dead trees in the back yard are gone too, including a huge dying tree by our beautiful red barn, which the story for the next post!



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