A Wrap-Up for 2017

With 2017 just ending, I have compiled a new goal list for our Little House on Holland Street.  Before I share our to-dos for 2018, I thought it might be a good idea to share what we accomplished in 2017.  I haven’t blogged about many of these projects, but I will as time provides.  For now here are some great before and afters of some of the bigger projects.

1.  New Roof:

BEFORE – 50+ year old Asbestos tiled roof.
AFTER – New metal, energy efficient roof that lowered our insurance rate significantly!

 2.  Rebuilt the Barn and Lean-To:

The little red barn BEFORE.
The little “not red anymore” barn AFTER.

3.  Built a fence:

The back of the house BEFORE the fence went up.
AFTER – Now we have separation so that the chickens have their own area and don’t make a mess on our patio (they free-range all day), and Ellie doesn’t run out of my sight when she is playing in the backyard!  We still have to replace the side fences so everything matches, but that is in the plan for 2018.  Sorry about the dead grass, but it’s the middle of winter and everything is dead!
We built the gate from scratch and added solar lamps for a bit of extra lighting in the evenings.

4.  Finished the first phase of the Kitchen Remodel:

BEFORE – The kitchen was teal and red with vinyl flooring and paneling everywhere when we moved in.  Pretty, but not our style.
We painted the cabinets white and added crystal knobs. We also updated the backsplash with marble and glass tiles, added a cast iron sink and gave the countertops a concrete feather finish overlay.
The stovetop was an eyesore, so we built a cover for it and added beautiful faux tin tiles to the backsplash on this focal wall.
We replaced the outdated chandelier with something a bit more modern.
This is a good photo to show where we removed the old red paneling to expose the original shiplap. BEST. FIND. EVER! WE also removed the old trim and replaced it with a more decorative craftsman style trim. This room looks nothing like it did when we moved in!

5.  Built Sliding Barn Doors to hide all of our Homeschool Supplies:

barn doors_before
I don’t have a very good BEFORE photo, but here is what it looked like when we started on the doors.  Lots of school stuff since we homeschooled!
barn doors_after
AFTER – These turned out so pretty, and they were made for a fraction of what a store bought set would have cost!  This photo was taken before we finished up the wall, but that will be shared in another post.
barn doors_after2
Much more organized now too!

 6.  Painted the Breezeway Floor:

BEFORE – The breezeway actually had fake plastic grass when we moved in (no photo). This is what it looked like after we pulled it all up and washed it down. You can still see just a little bit of it under the door on the left.
AFTER – I made my own stencil and painted the concrete floor.  Unfortunately, that little circle in the concrete behind Orion has caused quite a few problems lately.  More about that in later posts.

7.  Installed Flooring in the Hallway:

BEFORE – Here is the hallway right after I pulled up the old carpet.  Before anyone asks why we didn’t just refinish the old hardwoods, the flooring in the living room is really bad and cut into everywhere.  So we opted to put new flooring in, because I don’t want different floors in each room.  I like the look of one continuous material.
AFTER – We ripped up the remaining carpet in the two bedrooms and hallway to continue flooring from the living room. We are adding flooring as the budget allows, so first up is the hallway.  The two bedrooms will get flooring later.  I also built two picture ledges because there isn’t a lot of wall space in this house for photos.  Excuse the incomplete paint job, still working on that too!

8.  Upcycled Old Patio Furniture:

patio set_before
BEFORE – We found this metal patio set at a yard sale for $25.00.  I just knew it had potential!
patio set_after
AFTER – A little bit of wood, some stain and spray paint, add in a sun umbrella, and that old frame set is now beautiful!

9.  Built a Twin Size Bed for Ellie’s Big Girl Room:

BEFORE – It was time for this little cutie to have a big girl bed, so I went to Ana White’s website and found the perfect piece to make for her!
AFTER – Her big girl bed!

So that’s a wrap, 2017!

Next time, I will layout our plans for 2018.  Hopefully, it will be as productive as 2017!




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