2018 Goals

We have a very ambitious goal list for 2018.  I’m not sure we will get through all of them, but we are going to do our best!

1. Tear Down the Old Greenhouse:

This poor little shack of a greenhouse has definitely seen better days! It had electricity and water running to it at some point. Most of the roof frame and a some of the wall frames are rotten and are caving in, but there is also some salvageable wood that we can use for other projects.


We have actually already finished this project since it was free and first on the list!  So here are a couple photos of the shed in the process of being torn down and one of it gone.  The only thing we have left is to remove the concrete footers.


 2. Finish Renovating the Dining Room:

These renovations will include: painting the school shelves, finish the remaining walls with board and batten and exposed shiplap, redo the ceiling with materials still undecided, replace the light fixture, build a large dining room table and build/install a Dutch door leading out to the breezeway.  I will also need to refurbish the old dining chairs or buy new ones.

If you remember from the 2017 Wrap Up, we built barn doors last year to hide the homeschool bookshelves.  This led to renovating that same wall they are on because we wanted to remove the paneling, and then wanted to reinforce the area where the doors would hang.  So, since we didn’t want to have to pull down all of our hard work when we started on the dining room renovation, it made more sense to do that wall at the same time. You can see the finished wall below.

barn doors_after

3. Re-Roof the Laundry Room and Guest Quarter Addition:

At the end of 2015, we had a small tree disaster that led to us having to replace our old asbestos slate roof.  We were able to limp it along with patches until we had the finances to replace the entire roof on our main house in early 2017 (Blog post HERE).  Unfortunately, the unattached addition had to be wait-listed.  We are hoping to get quotes and finish up that side of the house so that we have matching roofs, finally!

Here’s a BEFORE photo.  Excuse the paint patches.  We must have tried 15 different colors before we decided on the one we wanted to use for the barn and house!

laundry roof_before

4. Renovate the Breezeway:

The breezeway that connects the laundry/guest quarters to the main house is also our main entrance and exit to the main house, as well as the main exit to the backyard.  The dirt that accumulates in there, and consequently tracked into the house, is beyond overwhelming.  It has screen windows that are coming apart and asbestos siding on the walls.

My hopes are to remove and replace the asbestos siding and find a solution for all of the dirt that keeps getting tracked in there.  I want to revamp the floor, because painted concrete didn’t hold up well after all of the rain we had this year.  I also want to find a window solution that will help keep dirt out, and upgrade the doors (currently there are two screen doors and two hardwood doors.)

5. House Exterior:

When we selected paint for the barn, we wanted to use the same color on the house so that they would match.  So, this year we have a goal to paint the exterior of the house and all exterior doors.  The colors we chose are Sherwin Williams Repose Gray (third color patch below) with Benjamin Moore White Dove for the trim.  I would also like to build new shutters and window boxes.  In the future, we plan to add a front porch and replace the windows throughout, but those are big tickets item and will probably have to wait a while!  The last thing we want to do is to install gutters on the house, especially the bedroom side because the roofing was cut a bit short.


6. Carport:

For the carport, I would love to have it torn down and replaced with something that lets a little more light into the dining room, but that’s another big ticket project for another year down the road.  So for this year, I just want to replace the rotten wood and old rusted metal roof which has seen better days, tear down the little closet add-on that is falling down, and add gutters.


7. Fencing:

There is a small section of fencing that was left open near the house, because we needed to have the industrial light pole removed.  I didn’t want the fence to hinder that removal or be damaged, so we waited on that area.  Now that it’s gone, we can build a small gate to have quicker access from the patio to the open area while still keeping Miss E contained in her backyard and the chickens in their yard.  I have also thought about fencing a small area off through the gate to move our vegetable gardens out of Miss E’s backyard area.  I would love to have something like Joanna Gaines garden area!

We also need to tear down the old fencing between our house and Mr. Harold’s house because it is rotting and put up fencing to match ours, which also happens to match the neighbors on his other side.


8. Outbuildings:

Replace the framing and metal roof on the stable/chicken coop. Clean and paint the metal grid on the stable and chicken coop.  Paint the workshop and add flower boxes.  Level out the floor in the lean-to and stable areas of the barn. Build a gate for the front of the lean-to and a fenced in area beside the lean-to.

9. Backyard:

Bring dirt in to fill all of the holes and cover tree roots in the backyard, and grade for better drainage.  Add grass on Miss E’s side of the yard.

10. Master Bedroom:

We need to rip down the old stained ceiling tiles (stained by the water that leaked into the bedroom after the tree incident).  Good news, there is a shiplap ceiling under those old ceiling tiles!  We are going to paint it white and seal the gaps.

11. Kitchen:

The main part of the kitchen is finished for now, but I still need to pull out the refrigerator and finish the trim work behind it.  I also want to install farmhouse shelving above it to display my ever growing Rae Dunn pottery collection!


So that’s it.  We have an extremely busy 2018 ahead of us!

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