We Made a Garden Gate, Repurposed From Our Back Door!

Hi all!  We are still at it, renovating our beautiful 1948 farm house.  It’s been quiet on the blog, because our daughter has been in the hospital.  All is going better now, but we will be in a for an uncertain future as she battles her illness.  For now though, I have a mini post to share!

We replaced our back door while renovating our dining room, leaving us with a beautifully old solid wood door from the 40’s. I saved the door knowing that we could use it eventually. Sure enough, not even a month later, an opportunity came!  I will share the dining room reno when we are finished. 🙂


We built a fence to separate the back yard into two zones, one for our back yard and one for the chickens and any other fun animals we decide to add to our little homestead. We left a small opening in the fence near the house, just the right size for a gate, that needed some attention.


This is where the door comes in. It was almost the perfect size for the gate opening! All I had to do was trim it down to the right height and width using the circular saw, and add some hinges and a lock that I picked up at Lowe’s for about $18.00.



I painted the gate with an exterior grade paint, White Dove by Benjamin Moore (color matched in Valspar brand). I also added a 1″ x 5″ piece of lumber across the top to give a little more interest.  I had the cutest little dachshund gate topper that I bought at an antique store a few years back and knew it would be perfect on top since we have three dachshunds!


Wal-lah! Beautiful garden gate for less than $20!


These stepping stones were lovingly made by my daughters back in 2006.  Perfect addition to our garden area, right beside the blueberry bushes!

Thanks for stopping by!


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